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Through prayer and in light of the information from various sources regarding the COVID 19 virus, we will suspend all MOTC activities, events and gatherings until further notice. We invite our MOTC family to use this time for prayer and reflection. God Bless. Dr. Jorge Cuellar

It is with great appreciation that we honor our MOTC brother Sean Foley on his birthday 11/3/20, which he is celebrating in heaven. Sean loved the Lord and serving in the Ministry.  I was invited by Sean to share in his love for Jesus Christ and getting closer to the Lord by delving deeper into Scripture as brothers in Christ.  We spent many hours together at his home in the back porch praying the Scriptures.  Sean loved his fellow brothers, shared prayer and service while being a team member.   I believe that Sean touched the lives of many brothers and sisters while ministering in The Ministry of the Third Cross.   Sean's parents Donna & Dan Foley, have blessed the ministry with a generous donation of $2500.00.  His aunt Roxanne Maslowski, and aunt Mary and Robert Ruggiero have also made generous contributions.  Participants of the ministry will greatly benefit from these generous contributions.  Thank you again to Donna, Dan, Roxanne, Mary and Robert for your for your generosity and support of the Ministry of the Third Cross.  Sean's love for the Lord and the Ministry will live on in our hearts as we continue to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.  In Him, Dr. Jorge Cuellar

Our Mission


The Ministry of the Third Cross focuses and continues to be recognized as one of the most effective models of renewal and service delivery to persons associated with the criminal justice system.

Our Vision

The Ministry of the Third Cross will continue to provide persons who are involved with the criminal justice system the opportunities to become prosocial and productive citizens.

One way to stay in touch with God is through His Word, meditate on the readings for the daily Mass and see how God is speaking to us today. 

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