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The Young Offender Program was established to identify and screen individuals in the criminal justice system both felony and misdemeanor sections in ages ranging from 17-25 (males) and 17- 29 (females). Once these individuals have been identified the project goals are to prevent, and or reduce crime, substance abuse, recidivism, violent behavior, as well as associated social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive and physical problems of substance abusing adult offenders. Other program goals are to work with the entire nuclear family who reside in the household and to encourage those in high school to stay in school, graduate and move into college. Those individuals who are not college bound will be prepared for the work force.


A judge may sanction the defendant to the YOP from the bench at any time. If the defendant meets criteria, the defendant is then transferred to the YOP. The procedure for a supervision officer referring a defendant is as follows: the defendant will be pre-screened by the assigned officer according to the criteria referral form. Once the officer determines the defendant qualifies, the officer will call the YOP officer for confirmation. Once confirmed, the officer of that court will submit a supplemental report to the court and alter and amend conditions. The CSO court officer will maintain the file in his/her possession. The CSO -YOP officer will oversee that the defendant is in compliance with the specified YOP conditions and make appropriate notations in the file. The CSO court officer, will take any action i.e.; VR's, SR's, MTR's as deemed necessary to the court.


(Must be willing to participate in a Faith Based Program)

1. The defendant must be in the criminal justice system (Felony or Misdemeanor)

2. The defendant must be between the ages of 17-24(males), 17-29(females)

3. Must report weekly with weekly UA's (as prescribed by the Judge).

4. Must have a TAIP evaluation.

5. Defendant and family will participate in Chemical Dependency counseling.

6. Must submit to a medical screen (if defendant is sanctioned to boot camp)

7. Must be willing to complete a high school diploma/GED.

8. Must complete Bexar County Opportunities and Industrialization Training.

9. Must complete follow-up program and at the six months stint, graduate form the YOP


The defendant and his/her family must attend Orientation to the YOP. The defendant reports weekly, with weekly ua's. The CSO court officer updates the court of any violation and takes appropriate action.

Thirty-two day residential Faith based Boot Camp (when prescribed by the presiding Judge). The defendant participates in a Faith Based Spiritual experience, as an alternative to the Boot Camp.

The defendant will have a TAIP evaluation and complete chemical dependency intensive and supportive outpatient-counseling program.

BCOIC will do job training for two weeks to provide skills and tools that will enable him/her to be gainfully employed. This program is titled Pre-Employment Work Maturity program. The defendant must work to obtain a GED or a high school diploma.

Once the initial components of the Young Offender Program are completed, the defendant continues with weekly reporting/weekly ua's until a review of the defendant deems otherwise. Throughout the six months while in the YOP, the CSO visits with the defendant at home, and or work place. If in school the CSO visits the school and consults with the school counselor. The CSO assess' the defendant's home, family environment, documents the need for family counseling and any other social services that support the defendant's progress and successful completion in the YOP.


Once assessed to have completed the YOP successfully, the defendant will be transitioned back to regular probation, a brief summary of the defendant's progress will be attached and an appointment with the regular supervision officer will be set up.

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